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backsplash for above bathroom sink? need advice...

13 years ago

So I found a cool cabinet and sink from Ikea to replace my very ugly 60's sink. The problem is that the faucet for the sink is offset to the left and there is a built in toothbrush holder in the way. My tile guy says he can rip out the toothbrush holder and its partner in crime, the soap dish, plus all the tile around them, and replace those tiles with new tile, to create a type of backsplash with some sort of design, like a focal point above a range in a kitchen. He would be removing twelve tiles in a six by two array, beginning with the tile to the right of the soap dish and ending with the tile to the left of the toothbrush holder, plus the same row below. My question for you all is do you think this will look OK and, if so, what sort of tile or design would you suggest? He says to go with white to match the sink with maybe a tile with a white on white design. I think he is going to have to rip out the bullnose tiles above the offending tiles, so I will need to replace those as well. See pics below for the visual (I am holding up the faucet because it's not installed yet, obviously). Many thanks for any advice!

Existing sink:

New cabinet and sink:

Sink with faucet:

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