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Crazy question about blueberries

4 months ago

This year I have a bumper crop of high-bush blueberries as yet unripe. Everything I have read says they will not ripen off the bush.

I would really love to get some berries for ME this year, and not have the birds snatch them all -- they don't care if the berries are ripe or not! Stripped bare before ready for picking is so infuriating!

Would it be possible to cut entire branch full of unripe berries and bring into the house & put stem into container of water, in the hope that ripening will continue. I may just experiment with one branch, but do any of you think this could work???

I do have cages being delivered next week, but these bushes are huge (should have pruned them last year) and I don't think the cages will be big enough. They will be fine next year, after pruning -- I hope...

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