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Show Us Your Landscape and Gardens - A Photo Thread March 2024

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

March 2023

I skipped a few months over the winter. I don't remember if we always do or not. But there has been so little activity here in the winters now, that I didn't think anyone would miss them. [g]

My garden seems to be starting reasonably early and not too early, but early enough that with the weather so unpredictable, I'm expecting a cold snap to come along and zap anything that grows in March and even in early April.

I've had Snowdrops blooming for a couple of weeks, which seems a little early to me. But just in the past 2 days I see crocus blooms open in some areas and just showing foliage in others. Mid March is usual for crocus for me, so it seems about on time. Also one tiny daffodil plant is blooming and I can't remember what variety it is. All the other daff foliage is showing in the back but not in the front yet. I haven't even started to clean up yet and I left more mess than usual in the Fall.

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