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Meyer Lemon Tree (Zone 10A): Over-watered or under fed?

8 months ago

Hello everyone,

I’d appreciate any advice folks can give me here. I’ve lived in Northern California for over a year, and I’m trying to learn the ins and outs of citrus care.

Originally, I was watering every 2 weeks, and the last time that I fertilized was in April with maybe 1/4 cup of Ironite Plus 12-10-10. (It could be that this is not the correct fertilizer for the tree, and that I'm not feeding it enough.)

The tree itself is very fertile. There are probably 100+ ripe lemons inside of the tree, and plenty of new growth on the tree. However, you’ll see that almost all of the leaves are beginning to change. There are some leaves with yellowing spots, some areas with totally yellow leaves, and other areas with leaves that have yellowing/brown tips.

I want to make sure that I’m not doing any more harm to the tree, so I would love some advice on fertilizer choice, and what this tree is trying to tell me.

Here is a link to some photos:

Thank you very much!

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