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Trying to choose greenhouse size for my citrus

I'm in the market for buying a greenhouse kit that I can build for my yuzu and satsuma mandarin to be in during the winter. The yuzu is getting quite tall and is close to the ceiling in my house and bringing them outside through my narrow door is quite a job. Both are about 9 years old. I found a pretty nice greenhouse that I'm interested in but has different sizes-10x12x10 tall or 10x8x7.5 ft tall. Should I get the one that is 10 ft tall? I'm not sure if my citrus will ever reach over 10 ft in height including the container? Or would the 7.5 ft tall greenhouse be enough? My yuzu is about 6.5 ft tall including the pot and my mandarin is a lot less due to dieback every year and skipping growth on certain years. There is quite a price difference(550$ difference) in them so I want to make sure to make the right decision.

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