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Instant Vs. Active yeast

last year
last modified: last year

I've been experimenting with rapid rise/instant yeast lately, and really notice a difference in my weekly loaf of bread, which I had been making using traditional active dry yeast. Over the last few weeks, I made several loaves with the rapid rise yeast and the results were less than satisfactory - it didn't rise as high and yet seemed over risen - it barely puffed up once in the oven, just sort of sat there. The dough seemed stickier, gooier than usual as well.

So I went back to my regular active dry yeast for today's loaf and it's beautifully puffed up, the dough was much more elastic too. Everything but the yeast is the same.

I'm using Fleischman's yeast that comes in jars. For my weekly loaf, I always dissolve the active dry yeast in water mixed with honey first, while I just mixed the rapid rise yeast in with the dry ingredients.

I just thought this was interesting and wanted to share. After several weeks of disappointing loaves, I'm feeling quite satisfied now ☺️

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