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Lentil flatbread and other flourless ‘breads’

last month

So my mom’s partner is going through chemo for bladder cancer and has an iffy appetite. My mom is worried about whether he eats enough. She is also a big meal maker - which I think makes him even less interested. He is also intermittently avoiding white flour and sugar.

The thing is he is a huge fan of pizza and sandwiches - saying they are the perfect food delivery system. Definitely of the Dagwood school of cooking - piled on odd combos of flavors. He has been using ricecakes for his various takes on peanut butter sandwiches.

I came across a very basic recipe for a lentil flatbread. Very very simple - soaked lentils, water and salt. Definitely not like a bread or typical wrap. But soft and flexible. I brought him a few somewhat doubtfully. He said he liked them with PB and cream cheese so I will make him more.

Now I am looking for other options for flour/sugar free food delivery systems. Suggestions appreciated.

His daughter came over today to give him smoothie making lessons and stocked him up with supplies. So hopefully he can figure out some calorically dense appetizing foods.

Rainy day photo just because...

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