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Picking the right drinking water filtration system. Help!

last year

My TDS reading exceeds 500 ppm.
After testing my tap water, and according to the uploaded chart, everything appears to be fine except for:
Total Alkalinity: 240
Carbonate: 240
PH: 9.0
Based on those readings, I really don't have a problem drinking the tap water except that it tastes really bad, so pretty much my ONLY goal while shopping for a filtration system is to improve the water taste. I read that Chlorine and probably Fluoride might be a reason why a tap water might taste bad, but to my surprise my tap water readings are almost perfect. That leaves me to wonder which one of the following is affecting the water taste the most: Alkalinity, Carbonate, pH, or maybe something else I'm not aware of? And in this case, which filtration system would be best to accomplish my main goal, and that's a better (acceptable) tasting water?
Any input would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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