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whole house water filtration system needed- help suggestions want

10 years ago

Hi a few questions I need help with for a private well with high iron (4 out of 10)
Does anyone have any experience with kinetico whole house R.O? how do you like it? was it worth it? would you recommend it?

Does anyone have any experience with any ONLINE filter systems such as Aquasana or pure effect water filters?

Any other recommendations for private WELL water filtrations systems?

In your opinion is reverse osmosis the best technology out there to remove all dangerous contaminants ? I am aware of the removal of important minerals but I plan on adding them back in before drinking the water.

will drilling a new well or making current well deeper make for iron free water as a local company who tested our water state?
I have sent my water to be tested at national testing laboratories and have results of which concern me so I care to have safest water for not only drinking but also showering.
thanks in advance!

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