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Tool reviews?

6 months ago

It's been awhile since we did a review thread. Do you have any new kitchen tools you've been using? How are they doing? Any reviews to share?

I posted about the "turned" utensils I'd bought. I finally found the thread: I also posted about my standing drum grater. These are all great!

So, the "turned" Talisman cooking spoon turned out to be essential! It has a big, very cupped bowl, and it's perfect for things like stirring big cauliflower pieces to distribute oil and spices in a mixing bowl, and other big stuff. I bought it because it was pretty, not realizing how much better it would be than my old stainless cooking spoons. The scrapers are also great. I used the notch once, and it works, as does the scoop on the other one, but they're also good just for scraping. As previously reported, the dough whisk isn't nearly as good as my big old ugly one, but looks cute, and is useful for things like combining dry ingredients, especially since it goes in the dishwasher. I also got the Talisman spiral apple slicer, which works very well on a fairly symmetrical, not too huge apple. It's plenty sharp enough, though it's just plastic, and nice to be able to do one apple and clean in the dishwasher. They're all excellent additions to my kitchen.

So I've only done cheese so far on the drum grater, using the big holes that are actually bigger than my box grater's. It works just as I'd hoped! I can plow through a half pound block of cheese in no time, just turning the crank, and all the parts that get messy go in the DW. With the drought conditions only getting worse, it's more important than ever not to be wasting water on extra washing. I'm pretty strong, so maybe this isn't for everybody, but I've also been using it sitting down, where the clamp in the base doesn't work well. It works fine on the textured stone. Even without a good seal to the table (table's fault--don't ask), it's pretty darned easy to crank, especially after the first little bit. The pusher pushes, the crank cranks and the cheese falls into the bowl. Far faster and easier than grating by hand, without the scads of wash water of something bigger. And it doesn't waste a bunch of cheese, like my FP does, with it getting into crevices. A little, but negligible amount. I need to try the other blades, but just for cheese, this is a winner.

Anyone else have some reviews to share?

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