Sometimes just because you want to, retail therapy edition

2 months ago

They were actually half off on one of those TV small business promos. And pretty.

Wanna hear my excuses? My favorite scraper is showing age and they don't make 'em any more. The cookie scoop tail is just a bonus. The notch on the other is for scraping the beater. I've probably lost days to scraping beaters. I hope it works well, but at least it's pretty. I ”needed” a non-scratch cooking spoon (not that I've scratched the pot enamel- I'm careful). And it's turned (well, molded as if). My father was a wood turner. And it's pretty. I don't have an excuse for the dough whisk other than I've been teaching a little, and it's pretty. My raw wood one is utilitarian. Did I mention I'm a sucker for turquoise? (It clashes with my kitchen and I don't care!! They're pretty!!)

Talisman Designs, if you care.

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