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Chicken With Orzo and Feta Sauce

4 months ago

Good grief, I tried posting a third time and it still didn't work. I'll just post the link to the recipe and see if that works. I tried it recently and we really enjoyed it. To make things easier (and tastier), I mixed the chicken with the marinade in the morning and also made the feta sauce to park in the fridge until dinner. I found this pretty lemon-y and will cut back the lemon juice a bit next time. Maybe not add any with the orzo. For one thing, the feta sauce is pretty tangy. Easy to tweak any of the ingredients to suit your own taste. I used spinach instead of kale and omitted the paprika and pepper flakes from the Feta Sauce...your choice. I used 1 1/2 lbs. fairly large chicken br**sts for the two of us and adjusted the other ingredients accordingly. I cut the chicken br**sts into 5 generous pieces.

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