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ProVia 42" x 96" entry door

29 days ago

Does anyone have a Fiberglass ProVia 42" x 96" door? Is it a heavy door? My space is 72" wide x 96" high. I would love to see photos. I wanted sidelights but they don't have what I need. The dealer said that over time the weight of the door will pull on the hinges. He suggested that I go with a shorter door and put a transom above. That is not what I want. My ceilings inside the house are 10' high and all of my doors are going to be 8' high. The covered porch is 11' high or maybe 12' high. In the beginning, I was going to do double entry doors but because of where we are located, I have been told that is not a good idea because of the wind, red dirt, and winter and not a good enough seal. I thought about doing a 42" door and window on the side just so I could see who is at the door. .

Thanks, Sue

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