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Dishwasher finish- stainless or other?

last month

I need a new dishwasher but trying to decide on the finish (options are stainless steel, white, and black). However my kitchen is a mix of other finishes, and it’s not particularly modern/sleek. I have an older white fridge, very old (ie. vintage) white double ovens, stainless sink and stainless/black range top. Countertops are dark green serpentine stone, which look almost black. Ash cabinets that are staying. Do I A) get on the stainless steel train and hope the trend doesn’t run its course in the next decade, slowly replacing my other old appliances to match a stainless dishwasher, or B) opt for white or black, which might match the current kitchen better (?) but risk never coming back into style? Or are they seeing a revival?

I’m just not sure that stainless actually looks good in this particular kitchen. Advice please.

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