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Shout out to John L and the gift that keeps on giving!!

l pinkmountain
7 months ago
last modified: 7 months ago

Ah the joys of the Cooking Forum community!! Our beloved John L gifted me with a spare Cuisinart after mine broke, probably 13+ years ago. I still use it often although mostly for grinding things like making hummus or oat flour or ground almonds, etc. So anyway John, took the opportunity this weekend to take the old gal for a spin, using all of the blades and attachments except the dough mixing one, to make pickled beet slaw. Made enough to feed a small army relatively quickly. Kind of unfortunate since it is just hubs and I, but it will keep . . .

Used the mandoline blade to julienne the cabbage and tried it with the beets and apple. They didn't turn out as well so I used the dicing/grinding blade to chop them up a bit further. Also used the grater for a little bit of red onion. I probably wouldn't use this recipe again, the dressing was a little too mustard and acid-forward for my taste, but it is good and even better topped with some goat cheese and roasted sunflower seeds. Good thing I like it because I am going to be eating it for a long, long time!

Thanks again ever so much for your generous gift, I think of you often when using it . . . still after all these years!

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