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Thermador vs Monogram appliances

Hi! We are fully renovating our kitchen and we've been looking at Monogram and Thermador appliances. We are likely doing a 36-inch range and a separate 27-inch wall oven (I need two ovens) OR a range top plus one regular wall oven and a speed oven (question is do I still get a separate microwave in the island?) I'm also wondering if I can go with an all gas range if I'm doing an electric oven. Best of both worlds? Finally, in terms of appliance brands, are there any others I should be considering? I feel like I've looked at everything and these two (Thermador and Monogram) seem to fit the bill. I like the look of the Monogram the best but want it to function well too. I am a professional recipe developer so my appliances need to be very functional. I'd consider a Wolf range top or full range if it's that much better, although the oven door seemed very heavy compared to the Mongram and Thermador and I didn't love that. Our budget is around 20K for the appliances and I want to spend it mostly on the range/ovens so we're not getting the built in fridge. Thanks for any feedback!

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