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Thermador vs Trivection (Monogram vs Profile)!

16 years ago

I have the opportunity to now get a speed cook oven rather than a double convection oven. But...

I've been going round and round with this choice. I definitely want a speed cook, full size oven. I've narrowed (I think!) my options down to 3:

* Thermador DM302ES (replaced C302BS)

* GE Monogram Trivection® ZET3058SHSS

* GE Profile Trivection® JT980SHSS

(Not interested in Advantium)

Among other things, it looks like neither GE product has full extension or self-cleaning racks or meat probe...but the Thermador does.

Overall, the Thermador seems better functionally...BUT...there are 2 issues I have to overcome:

(1) Noise...I've read here that the Thermador ovens are noisy...some have said they thought that had been fixed but no one seems to know for certain. Anyone???

(2) Price!!! Over $5,000!!

There is one possibility, look for a discontinued C302BS, but, it would then have the noise issue and I'm nervous about buying a major appliance online...

As to the GE products, the only differences I can find b/w the two are (1) the Monogram comes w/a roasting pan (Profile does not), (2) looks, and (3) price. Does anyone know of any other differences? I've seen this question asked before but no one seems to answer with a definitive "yes" or "no" (and sales people have known even less)!

Comments? Suggestions?

I have to make a decision any help would be greatly appreciated!

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