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Tiny primary bedroom refresh — with Before & Afters

2 years ago
last modified: last year

I’m so sick of this bedroom! It’s the primary bedroom and I wish it was more warm, natural, softer, maybe spa-like.

The bedroom is just off the kitchen, which is the first room past the main door, so everyone who walks into the house can see the bed where it is now. Feels a bit invasive.

I would love your opinions & help!!

Here are some ideas:

-Move the bed under the window?

-New bed? (West Elm’s Norre bed would fit below the window trim)

-New bedside tables and/or lamps? (I also like these tables but don’t know how they’d look IRL)

-New bedding?

-New wall colour?

-Options for the narrow 23.5” closet door? (Currently covered by sheers)

-I like the plant-dyed piece that is over the bed — is it too wide though?

The window and the only electrical outlet in the whole room:

Cute alcoves at the foot of the bed:

Here’s the closet entrance:

Note: If I put the bed beneath the window (it’s north-facing), there would be max. 18” on each side of the bed. It won’t fit on either of the other two walls.

I found this photo from many years ago, when the bed was below the window:

Thanks for your help!!!!

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