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Exterior "She-Shed" siding or Exterior Options

Jo Be
6 months ago

Building a 10x12 lean to shed for a work office. The height at the front of the shed is roughly 11 ft tall. We will have a full 8-ft tall wall in the back and 10 ft tall wall in the front of the interior. Due to the fact that we are building this quickly, We were not able to source any transom or picture windows that would go above the doors and windows we are installing. All manufacturers were over 2 months out for a quality window that we could source.
So basically we're going to have a full light door, and a 3x4 window in the front. That's it. Most of the modern sheds help break up the tall space by three transom windows above the doors and windows, evenly spaced. Since we won't have that, it seems like it will look like just a giant wall. We are using LP Smartside for the first 8 ft (comes in 8x4 sheets) of height around the building. We most likely are going to use it all the way up as well.
Is there any other architectural design or different siding we can use above the 8-ft height that might help in the design? Maybe just separate paint color? IDK.

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