Recirculating range hoods with good filtration

Greg Hochschild
3 months ago

I just joined the forum and I am looking for some advice on recirculating range hoods with good filtration for our new induction cooktop. We are still considering the option to vent outside through a chimney but have to find out whether that is possible. It would also limit the CFM to 400 to avoid make-up air system required by code.

If that does not work out, which brands have a good reputation for recirculating range hoods with good filtration? Do high-end brands generally have better filtration? Here are some of the units we are considering. All four of these options fit in 12'' upper cabinets and can be used as a recirculating units.

- $800 Bosch pull out range hood with 350 CFM (HUI50351UC)-

- $1300 Miele DA 2390 (I think 500-600 CFM)

- $1300 Miele DA 3486 (I think 500-600 CFM)

- $1900 Thermador HMDW30WS with 600 CFM.

Can we expect significant differences in the filtration quality? Miele promotes "efficient filtration" with "10-ply stainless steel grease filters" but I have no idea whether that is just promotional talk. Other brands that are recommended because of their filtration quality?

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