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UV oil engineered hardwood flooring

Demeter N
last year

I've started to look at flooring for my living room/hallway and have found some lovely UV oil finished oak floors. My current floors have turned a golden orangish shade partly due to the polyurethane finish over the years and need replacement anyway. I love the very matte and natural shine that this type of finish has and think it will resist yellowing over time but will it protect against scratches and drying out as well as the old type finish? I read that if you do get scratches you can buff them out and apply more oil to that spot rather than having to refinish the whole floor. I'm in Canada and it gets so dry here in the winters. I have a whole house humidifier but cannot keep the RH higher than about 30 during the coldest months or I would have moisture problems with the windows. I'm just wondering since the oil seems to penetrate the whole top layer of the flooring whether this will protect against drying out as well as the older finishes. Has anyone had this type of finish for a few years?

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