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Amy Skippen
4 months ago

We’re getting ready to do a full gut renovation on this house for our family of 4. The condition of the house is such that we don’t have room in the budget for an architect so we’re working with a engineer/designer. He’s quite good but I think the layout needs some finessing.

This is my first time posting on Houzz so please let me know if more info or pics would be helpful. I really appreciate any and all input!

Basement - we’re pretty happy. My contractor assured me the 3 door mechanical room won’t require that many doors 😅

First floor - the powder room layout is giving me the biggest issues. I’m not concerned about the interior wall situation in the living/dining area as it’s not structural so we’ll workshop that with our contractors later.

Second floor - I’m open to suggestions but I think this might be as good as it gets? I wish there was a way to have a walk-in closet for the primary but I’m largely satisfied. We have built-in Ikea Pax wardrobes in our current home and quite enjoy them.

Third floor - we’re tempted to lose the third bedroom and give each kid a giant room and ensuite but are we hurting long term resale by dropping a bedroom? Idk the layout feels not ideal right now.

Info that might be useful:

  • this isn’t our first gut reno and we love and trust our contractors. I could share pics from our current home if that’s helpful
  • the house is maybe 120 years old and is quite literally falling apart. We need to spend A LOT of on some very unsexy ways like on the roof, foundation, new windows, the exterior brick walls, etc.

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