Avramis roses and an OGR mystery

4 months ago
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I just received two bare root roses from Avramis, a Greek nursery that also breeds their own roses.
Unfortunately, while Avramis is listed as an introducer on HMF, none of their roses seem to actually be on there.
I got one Avramis rose called Pink Ekrixis (AVRAkrix), introduced in 2012, listed as a polyantha/floribunda, described as 60x60cm, strong fragrance, continuous bloomer:

The other one is a bit of a mystery.
"Chios rose"
It is listed as an OGR.

Avramis say they got it from their collaborators on the island of Chios, who have been growing it for a very long time. That's why I got it, since the climate on Chios island (zone 9/10) is quite similar to the one here in Malta.
But what is the "Chios rose"? Again, nothing on HMF.
On the Greek version of the page, they actually say it is a Centifolia. But they also say it is a repeat bloomer.
As far as I know, Centifolias don't repeat, except for Typ Kassel and apparently even with that one the repeat is far from guaranteed.
Is this actually Typ Kassel, and is Avramis just exaggerating the rebloom description?
I notice that HMF says Typ Kassel has a wide growth habit (150x150), whereas Avramis describes Chios' dimensions as 150x80cm.
Is this a different reblooming Centifolia?
Another option might be that this is actually not a Centifolia but a Damask or Hybrid perpetual... but is Chios really a distinct rose or did Avramis rename a Damask/HP that is usually known by another name?
If any of the OGR experts on here have any ideas, I would love to have your input!
I will post pictures here as it grows, hopefully the mystery of the Chios rose can be solved!

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