it’s it crazy to put wolf & subzero appliances with IKEA kitchen Sekti

5 months ago

We want to upgrade our 15 yr old kitchen this summer. I’ve been wanting a 48 inch range forever and now hubby wants to throw in a 48 inc subzero as well. A bit of background, last year we installed IKEA cabinetry in our laundry room and we renovated our master bathroom and we put mid grade cabinetry from Lowes. Our cabinetry from lowes already peel and chip on the corners whereas our IKEA laundry still look pristine, even with a teenager and kids who like to slam door. Our kitchen dimension is 24 x 13 and we want to put a 2.5 x 10 ft island in the center. Our budget is around 80k. First off, is the budget realistic for the Houston area and second, am I crazy mixing high end appliances with IKEA Kitchen Sektion?

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