Kitchen Layout Options

Brian Stanford
last month

Hey all and thanks for your help. We have had plans drawn up and it was a great experience working with our designer. She was awesome at communicating and understanding exactly what we wanted.

While talking to subs, kitchen cabiet designers and flooring contractors, we've come to the realization that maybe we don't want such an open floorplan. Also, we don't really want wood flooring in the kitchen and the way we're set up now, a continous flooring throughout the open spaces would only make sense.

Aside from any other changes, does anyone see another kitchen layout that would provide for seperate, more secluded area/better layout? Could we make better use of the area between the kithcen/stairs/hall from garage? We would be open to doing away with the breakfast nook and having an area in the kitchen for a table and also moving the pantry door if needed.

Not captured inthe image below, the family room is on the left. The garage is on the bottom right.

Thanks for the input!

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