To paint, or not to paint?

Mini Cooper
2 months ago

Our home was built in 1993 on a hill in rural Nova Scotia Canada. We have 10 acres of property and our home is in a very private setting. The original builder liked wood. It is a nice contrast to the grey brick exterior, and as wood tends to do, it has aged and creates a warm cabin feel. But, is it too much wood? We are currently installing skylights in our kitchen and living room - 4 in total, with one almost completed. Because of this, we began talking about painting or white washing the ceiling. I’m torn. Maybe we start with updating the wainscotting, moldings and doors by painting them white, then reassess? What do you all think? If we decide to paint the ceiling, should we leave the beams and just do the paneling? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. xo

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