Urgent! Bosch induction range- quick question

last month
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I have the Bosch 800 series 30 inch slide-in induction range on order for delivery in Dec (fingers crossed) and I’m also having my countertops replaced. Today the countertop people are coming out to measure and template for the new quartz counters, 3 cm with eased edge + full height backsplash is what I’ve ordered.

I know the top of the range extends over the counters slightly. What, if any, considerations should the countertop people be aware of? My existing counters are granite. The house is only four years old and should be level. I tried looking in the installation manual, but it seemed to reference the leveling feet- so maybe I don’t need to worry about the countertops?

I just want to make sure my new counters will accommodate this range. Thanks!

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