Before & After Master ensuite in south YYC

Tamara Duffy
last month
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This old bathroom has huge windows that show full view of Calgary's beautiful mountain views. Yet it lacks in style because it was so outdated. Before it was was renovated, it was designed by someone stuck in the 90's. Complete with all the "Builders Oak" trim and cabinets, and carpet right up to the bathtub, this bathroom was in desperate need of some severe updating.

My Husband and I set out early this year to find a contractor that could do the job from start to finish. We didn't know what kind of a design we were going for, but we had ideas of what we wanted from our new space. My hopes were to have a freestanding bathtub and my Husband wished for a large shower panel system. We both also desired a double sink vanity. Bottom line, we needed a new vanity, a new bathtub and a new shower. We had just upgraded the toilet and the blinds, so no need to adjust those.

The first contractor was well known in our city. He claimed our job was going to cost us $35,000 in just labour alone. Plus our double sink needed an extra vent, so that meant going up through the attic and yadda, yadda, yadda. They were a never ending domino effect to more stuff that didn't need to be touched.

The next contractor was referred to me by some very good friends of mine. This contractor quoted me $60,000 for labour alone and it included a $25,000 cost for his assistant (nice job for an assistant tho!). That contractor was a HUGE No.

Third time's a charm!!

Our third contractor was referred to us by our neighbourhood! Yes, I asked around to the folks in my neighbourhood and this contractor was great! Ticketed in plumbing and electrical. His work that I saw was very good and his clients are proud of the work that was done. Our contractor is also very knowledgeable with codes, processes and kept the scope of work to a realistic expectation. Not to mention, his cost was very reasonable (Labour and supplies came to about $14,000) and he was flexible with adding on extra items like heated flooring, and changing the pocket door along with the details that I tend to fuss over. Bonus part to this company is that they also live and operate in the community area I live in. So in the end, I'm supporting a local family business.


From start to finish, the whole process took 3 weeks.

Today, the ending result is a sparking bathroom spa, complete with a freestanding tub, a large shower panel and a dual sink.

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