Help with colors & furniture plcement for mom's light blue living room

Kevin Allen
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My mom has always wanted a "light blue living room as long as I can remember. The pandemic has altered her life tememdously. I am on a mission to create this room for her to bring her some happiness . I'm so grateful for her sacrifices and just being a wonderful mother to me and my sisters.

I started back in February painting the walls, installing shutters and a new light fixture. I've aquired the furniture throughout the year. She loves Mid - Century and Glam but not too extreme. In addition to the furniture shown in the photos, I just ordered two white velvet swoop arm chairs to go across from the sofa. They are small in dimension and should work well with the sofa. Also, I'm having white bookshelves built with the blue walls exposed . I'm planning on going the full width of the wall that you see with entry doorway. They will also be built above the doorway so they're connected and span the entire end of the room.

I need to bring in some more color to warm it up a bit.

What other colors can I incorporate with this room? Mostly in wall decor, pillows, throws, etc. You'll notice I've picked up a few decor pieces in Teal and also some purple flowers on the table. Just not sure how to go?

Wall art above the sofa and long wall of dining table ?

Also, I need a console or cabinet or chest or something to go between the two front windows?

And maybe the furniture placed differently and bookshelves built into another wall ? IDK

Ive never done this before and my mind just starts spinning becasuse of different ideas. You'll notice the Espresso end tables which I guess don't go very well with the other pieces. Ha ha I was trying to bring in a little Traditional but maybe should have done something else. My mom likes them though. I just want this to be something she's really proud of when I hopefully am finshed by Christmas.

Thank so much to anyone who has some ideas or advice. This has been quite a learning experience but one out of love !

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