Huge problems with pro lvp install

lucky driver
7 months ago

A local flooring store installed glue down lvp in August. They put down the correct underlayment however after the floor was installed it was crunchy like walking on Rice Krispie treats. They sent their expert guy out and he cut apart the new floor and part of my old floor which was a sheet of vinyl. He basically said what happened was when they stapled through the new underlayment into the existing floor something happened like it made the old floor not secure to the underlayment anymore and that's why there was a crunch. I forget the exact explanation at this point because I'm so upset about it but they said the only way to guarantee it will not happen again is for me to pay $2,300 to have my old floor and underlayment replaced. I thought they should have known about this problem before they did the install and they offered to just screw down the old subfloor for $400 and hope that fixes it. So they did order the floor again to do the install but it's been a couple weeks. Meanwhile here at has gotten colder at nights into the 40s. The floor was installed pretty much perfectly with no visible cracks or openings and you could run your fingernail over it and you would not feel a thing. It was perfect. However now that it is cold out it has contracted. I do have a partially vented crawl space under my house with a concrete floor. They knew all this before they started the job. Now the guy is trying to say there may be a humidity issue under there and this may not be the best flooring. My biggest concern was since this is a glue down floor should it really be contracting like this and even if it is acceptable what happens if they install a brand-new floor today and everything is tight and then next summer at all expands won't it buckle. I had an old sheet of vinyl on here for fifty years and I think I should just go back to a sheet of vinyl because the floor is not level and that's why I cannot get a floating floor. But even though the crunchy part really bothers me I was wondering your opinion on if a glue down floor should really have contracted like this.

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