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I recently built a new townhome. I enter the home through the garage. This space is not large and initially looked like the basement of an office building. It was too dreary to enter. I recently purchased this rug and console for the space. The console was delivered yesterday and I love it! So my question is what do I put above the console? Originally I was going to hang art, but the console is long, 72" and I'm worried that a larger piece may overwhelm the space. Note that wood top on the console is not yellow as it appears in these photos but is much more neutral For reference, this is the Lexington Studio Console. I've not yet begun to shop, so please share your ideas. My style is transitional/eclectic/artsy. The last photo is from a Lexington brochure, and included it here so you can see truer coloring and the piece in another space.

(leaning contemporary)

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