Help me Furnish & Decorate My Living Area &Dining Room of my new home

4 years ago

Hi guys, just moved into a new home not too long ago. Looking for some advice on what furniture pieces etc to add to what I already have. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated. Just a few notes for what is already being planned. Any style I am up for, just no traditional or true country. What to put up on the walls etc and where would be great too.

1) The dining table is 112" long, I will be adding clear ghost chairs with arms for all of the dining room chairs (ignore the grey narrow side ghost chairs). Also, I need to add a nice chandelier for the table, any suggestions?

  1. On the wall at the end of the table, I was planning on adding a sideboard/console and then a large square mirror above. (This is just a thought though).

3) The fan in the living room has to go, I want to put a chandelier there, any suggestions to work with the sputnik I have over the kitchen would be much appreciated.

4) The living room where the couch is facing, I will be adding a 72" long tv console and then mounting a 70" flat screen.

Excuse the mess!

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