Opinions Needed for Savannah Sunbelt Rose

KJ - 9B - CA
28 days ago

I have doing research for Savannah Sunbelt rose for a while. With the current drought in California, I have been very picky about my rose bushes. They need to be watered frequently to keep healthy (especially to get ride of spider mites!!!). So if they don't meet my expectations, I shovel prune them to save water🤣.

I love Savannah's pink color, and am very happy to see the comments about how amazing it's fragrance is. But I also found some members complained it grows too big while doesn't bloom much. This is a major concern to me. I don't want to spend lots of water to get only one spring flush (yes, I am talking about my Princess Alexander of Kent, Love Song, and Grand Dame).

The size listed on Kordes website is 4x3. Sounds perfect. But in reality how tall and big can it be in warm climates like ours (9B California)? I don't mind heavy pruning it in both summer and winter though as I have always done to my roses.

I also read Savannah has a high number of petal count, 140 - 160 if I remember correctly. But I don't have a very good experience with high petal count roses. I had a Belinda's dream whose blooms always ball up in our rainy spring. So I never got a good spring flush with Belinda's dream. Had to get rid of her. Then how is Savannah doing for rain resistance?

Please share your opinion about Savannah. Many thanks!

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