Help! Aeschynanthus Pink Polka dying :(

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last month

Hi everyone! I'm a new plant parent and I got this pink polka. It came in a 21cm bowl (is that the name in English? It's not the pot which is deep, it's the one that people usually hang).

I decided to repot it because I like to do that when I get new plants, so I know which soil they are in, with good drainage, etc. A few days ago however, it started looking very sad :( The leaves are getting soft and wrinkled, and I tried digging up for more information and many times I saw this could be due to underweatering or nutrient deficiency. Unfortunately I couldn't find much info on this specific species.

I recently (aka yesterday) did a bottom watering (is that how you call it?), so I left the pot inside a bowl with water for around 3 hours so that the plant could absorb all water it could. I also am wondering if maybe the pot it's in is too big and the soil isn't fully drying properly and may be causing root rot. Please note that the bottom of the pot has expanded clay (? is that the word? I'm so sorry) and a geotextile bidim so that the soil isn't directly in touch with the tray itself, so it's not taking up the full space of the pot. The roots from this plant are very small, so I presume the place I bought it from just had the cuts propagated and after the roots started growing they placed them all together into the bowl.

Is there any way I can save my plant? It also has now these silver spots on a few of the leaves, which I'm unsure could be due to a small bug? :( I'm very upset because I really love this pink polka and I truly wanted to be able to save it. I feel like a total beginner failure to be honest.

Any help is deeply appreciated, thank you so so much in advance.

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