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For our new home build, I thought I wanted Natural Maple cabinets until I looked at my sewing room in our walk-out basement (no windows in the room). I have read several posts mentioning that lighting could be the cause of the cabinets looking more yellow than they actually are. This is in our present home.

My sewing room was done in 2003 and rearranged in 2005.

Could this be from the fluorescent lights?

This cabinet was part of my Cutting table from 2003. It was recently moved upstairs.

This was from the cutting table in 2003 and has been in the garage since 2005.

The cabinet on the left is from 2003, cabinet on the right is from 2005 from a different company.

My floor is Spalted Maple and I love this floor but not for my entire new house because it is laminate. It looks so much better in person.

I was hoping I could get a stone look floor but so far I have not found anything that looks good.

My new cabinets will be from Woodland and my KD mentioned yellowing. I was going to go with a stain but of course, they have discontinued the one that I want and the other ones are too dark.

Does anyone have Woodland Natural Maple cabinets?




I just found a link to a website that has photos from 2010 - 2017 that shows the changes in different woods.

Thanks, Scherrs.

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