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Painted or natural maple cabinets?

6 years ago

I posted a few weeks ago about our kitchen in the house we just bought. I have since taken down the stone half-walls that were blocking off the kitchen and have also taken up the slate tile. The slate was the same as you see in the dining area. It was stained and in bad shape even after professional cleaning, so it had to go.

The kitchen now is like a stage, totally open and on a platform. Kind of cool, kind of weird, definitely puts a big spotlight on the floor and the cabinets. More so than normal. Lots of opportunity here for it to look great-- or fail miserably!

I can normally envision things but this kitchen is throwing me and I'm having trouble choosing what kind of cabinets. I think it's the distraction of the red counter and the old wallpaper, I can't see past it! Perhaps fresh eyes can help.

I borrowed some doors from my kitchen designer. A light grey, dark grey, and a natural maple. The greys are both on the blue side. Also, the final doors will actually be slab for a more contemporary look.

I think the dark grey is out? Maybe? The light grey is ok (wish it weren't so blue, though) and the natural maple is intriguing but I can't picture how it will work with all of the wood paneling in the house. There's "pumpkin pine" on most of the walls in the house, pretty much the color of the tall cabinets on the right.

Would natural maple work with orange-red pumpkin pine paneling? Too much wood? What kind of floor? I'm looking at sheet marmoleum because we want to keep a retro feel, but there are just too many variables now to decide. Also considering acid etching the concrete subfloor, or painting it. I also am thinking about cork but hubbie says no! And it may look weird, anyway. I don't know!

We're going to have a long step built spanning the width of the kitchen opening, replacing the current small step. That gives an opportunity to cover up that ugly vertical slate. Hoping for a wood step, perhaps stained dark like the beams.

One thing I'm definitely interested in, though, is having a laminate backsplash (the jungle pattern from wilsonart). Definitely on the left wall behind stove (not visible from this angle), and possibly on the back wall as well. Well, almost definite. I love the pattern and also the possibility of not having to deal with the messed up drywall in those areas!

Oh, there's also a linen/khaki type color cabinet available which might look good with the laminate backsplash, although I would never choose it for its own sake.

Definitely NOT interested in white or off-white. This is not a white-kitchen house.

The blue swatches on the walls were my original paint color idea. I still like it but not sure it will work with jungle backsplash.

i don't know, guys! You'd think this would be fun but it's stressful!

Painted cabinets or natural? Floor?

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