counter or bar overhang for small midcentury kitchen

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We are recreating a small kitchen in our small fire-damaged MCM. We have room for only a 10" overhang at the counter. The designer and the contractor insist that the flat counter is an improvement over the counter +bar (also a 10" overhang) that was there before, but I am very unsure they are correct. Which is better, the flat peninsula counter with 10" overhang (diagram) or counter + bar (also 10" overhang) on two levels, like the original. Again, I am asking the narrow question, only, and not the larger question of how you would redesign this kitchen overall.

The 10" overhang in the original kitchen --which had 2 more inches over the counter itself-- was comfortable. We cannot go further than the 10" because the glass walls and doors prevent it.

Here is the original kitchen with a bar:

Here is part of the new design with a counter-height peninsula instead.

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