Took the plunge - first new rose in ten years!

diggerdee zone 6 CT
6 days ago
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I've been thinking, and thinking, and thinking about buying a new rose (or six) for the last two years. I've killed waaaaay more than I have left in my garden now (about half a dozen poor neglected things) but thought it might be time to try again.

After all my lists, after all my reading of opinions and experiences, tonight I made a total impulse buy and got Julia Child. I think with the others (lots of pinks and apricots and a few whites) I had to plan and think about where to put them. Julia will easily fit nicely in a small garden I have where I keep my oranges and reds and yellows, in my sunniest spot. I've admired her for a long time and tonight thought to myself, just do it! So I did it lol.

Hopefully she will do well. I have been better this year and have taken more notice of my roses, moving several of them to more conducive spots and trying to take better care of them, and am trying to overhaul, simplify, and take better care of my garden in general, so I'm excited for next season. I'm also a bit scared lol. This could be a dangerous thing, a tentative step on a slippery slope, but I'm going to try to be more selective and more honest. I KNOW I can't grow Just Joey or Jude the Obscure, so I am NOT going to try them for the fourth time. Honest.....



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