Question about tomato ripeness

Hi all. Maybe I was just in too big a hurry to get this done for the year, but with my Roma tomatoes, even when they seem ripe enough and come very easily off the vine, Many of them have a green stem thing that goes well down into the tomato. I cut it out. I freeze them. But does that mean I'm just processing them too early? I know Romas aren't a favorite of many who prefer a different paste tomato, but even though my plants get horrible leaf spot every year, that can destroy much of their entire leaves, they keep making and ripening the fruit. Also, mine are more deep orange than red. Should I just wait longer next year, or is that stem going deep into the flesh fairly meaningless? Also, This time of year the bugs rev up and I try to process the 'maters before the bugs get to them. Thanks for your input!

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