Looking for a rose that may not exist... hopin for help

2 months ago

I am not even sure if a rose such as this exist... but I am hoping the people with all of their vast knowledge can maybe help.

I am hoping to find a rose that is either globular like Earth Angel or Geoff Hamilton BUT I am wanting it as a small size in about the same as Pink Pet or Caldwell Pink (1 inch size blooms) .... If a globular rose does not exist I am willing to take a rose that looks like Pink Pet or Caldwell Pink as long as it meets my other requirements.

I want it to NOT be overly thorny (pink pet is awful thorny)

I want it to be a bush that is at least four to feet in size

I want it to be PROLIFIC like Pink Pet.

I want it to be able to handle my zone 10

I want it to repeat

I want it to be a good cut flower

and..... and.... AND

I want it to have a STRONG scent.

I do not care what color as long as it is pretty....

Is there such a thing.... or may I be dreaming of great tasting ice cream that causes me to lose weight......

Thanks for any help and light you can shed.

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