Inexpensive area rug to lay flat over WtW carpet - puppy protection

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We inherited very pale cream colored wall to wall carpet in the family room, and due to our "open concept" house it is going to have to be part of the new puppy's play area. I have never liked this carpet -- if you look at it sideways it stains. We are constantly cleaning it as it is. I have a nice wool oriental rug that covers a good portion of it, but I don't want that out during the puppy's house training period. The wall to wall carpet has to stay, my Dad is still living and he visits often and gets upset if we change too much.

I would like to get an inexpensive carpet but it needs to lay flat over the berber wall to wall carpeting. I haven't had much luck with these inexpensive rugs laying flat. I had one at my old house and it kept a permanent crease. I also have a smaller one here now and it moves terribly and curls at the edges. Does anyone have an inexpensive rug that is working for them under these circumstances?

I'm wondering about those indoor outdoor recycled plastic ones. It would look like heck over the nice berber though . . . on the plus side I could move it outdoors to the patio after the puppy grows up, hopefully. Not going to be able to replace the cream berber, I got the house from my Dad after Mom died and it was Dad's idea to install the light cream berber after he "fixed" the washer and it flooded the laundry room and adjoining flooring in the family room. He's always examining every corner of this house and freaking over any changes, even minor ones. We try not to let it get to us but we try to pace the change we make. :) The carpet is relatively new so there are a few other upgrades ahead of it anyway.

The rug could be a permanent fixture if it is practical, but it needs to clean up well.

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