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Flat weave wool, cotton, kilim, dhurrie and shag rugs questions

11 years ago

I've owned many area rugs, but all of them have been thick wool rugs (Pottery Barn).

I am old; I grew up when shag rugs were in style. I am fond of them, but don't know how easy they are to clean. I don't recall my mother having any problems vacuuming and cleaning them back in the 70s, that much I know.

A lot of the rugs I like for our living room remind me of mats -- they are very thin, and the seller always states that a rug pad should be used under them. They are called flat weave wool, cotton, kilim and dhurrie rugs.

I understand that a rug pad should be used to keep the rug from moving around and to protect the floor, and I'm all for that. Six questions:

1. Aren't the rug pads thicker than the flat rugs? Won't this look strange - will the rug pad show? Do the pads really keep the rugs from moving around or getting scrunched (wrinkled)?

2. Is there anything I should know about flat rugs before I plunge into the great unknown and purchase one?

3. How are these rugs cleaned? I have a brand new Hoover carpet cleaner and a Dyson animal vacuum cleaner, along with a Haan steam cleaner that has a carpet attachment. I haven't used the steam cleaner yet. I don't want the rugs to get sucked up by the vacuum or ruined by the other machines. Do they stay flat on the rug pad while they are vacuumed?

4. Winters here are cold and snowy (except for this past one). Is it a good plan to get a flat woven rug for spring through fall, and to switch to a regular thick wool (or shag) rug during the cold months (usually Nov-March)? Staying warm is my main focus in the winter.

5. Shag rug question: Are there good reasons not use a shag rug in the living room?

6. I have 4 teenagers, a husband, and a 45 lb., very active, terrier. Would thick wool rugs better serve my family? I don't want to buy anything that is delicate. I also don't want to use an indoor/outdoor rug or one made from jute or sisal.

Thank you for your advice. You can tell there is a reason for the user name I chose!

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