Fryer Boil Out for Washer Cleaning?

last month

Years ago Larsi posted that he used a few Tablespoons of Cascade Institutional/Fryer Boil Out with a 140ºF wash to clean the Miele. After moving and combining families, I decided to wash the new to me GE TL washer out. I conveniently ordered two boxes of Fryer Boil Out 'accidentally' and decided that I would give that a try. I used *whispers* 1 cup along with tap hot water on Whites cycle with heavy soil, Deep Fill, and a two hour soak. I should have snapped a pic towards the end of the wash. The water had a blue color to it, and was certainly not all that clean. The rinse was much better, though I did see a few floaters. The end result is a very clean machine with zero scent. I would imagine this would do a much better job than a lot of the other products on the market! Very happy!

Though, the real reason I am writing is to see if there are any chemists here to discuss how long Sodium dichloroisocyanurate dihydrate actually releases hypochlorous acid for, and how quickly its half life is. For whatever reason I have the understanding that it is a 'longer' acting form of chlorine release versus regular Sodium Hypochlorite. Just trying to get an idea of how potent the stuff really is in the dishwasher and washer. Regardless, it works!

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