Advice on space for dog grooming

last month

We're building a house, and right now the washer/dryer are planned for the same room as the dog grooming set-up. That is fine with me (it's what i have now), but I want to make sure the room is large enough to hold everything and allows enough aisle space. Some background, I have a standard poodle--so large dog, with regular grooming needs. I do all the grooming myself. We will be in the country, so i anticipate having to bathe her more often than i do now.

The current plan is an 8x12 room that includes a normal washer/dryer side by side. The grooming table is max 2x3.5. For the dog bath I'd like a professional-style tub that would be 48-50" long and 28" deep. But, I don't think I can afford that right now, in which case i'll stay with the same size laundry tub i currently use (40"x24"). But I could see replacing that cheaper one in the future, so i'd like to reserve space for the larger one. I'd like to include a small countertop with space to hang-dry clothes above it. Once i figure in space to walk all the way around the grooming table, remove laundry from the dryer, and open a door to enter/exit the room, i think i need a 9x12 room to make it work. In that arrangement, i'd put the w/d and dog bath on the same wall with a small counter between them, with the grooming table taking up the other part of the room.

I also wonder whether it makes sense to include a partial wall separating the w/d space from all the grooming stuff, to keep the mess more contained.

I'd love any input--thank you!

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