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Repair 25yr Old Sub-Zero or Buy New (Not Sub-Zero)?

2 years ago

Our house came with a Sub-Zero fridge. It's about 25yrs old now, and the compressor has been "going out" for about two years now. The repair guy said that it would cost around $2000 to replace it.

I've looked at lots of newer fridges and there are some really good ones for $2000-2500 if I wait for a good seasonal sale. However, it seems like they break in just a few years. Most I see come with a 1-2yr warranty, and from what I've seen, they are only built to last that long.

My parents moved 5 years ago. They brought their two OLD fridges. One they bought when I was born (1976), I'm sure you've seen them. They look like tanks, and have that big metal latch handle to open it. The other is from the 60s. BOTH of them still work, yes they suck up power like it's the end of the world, but THEY WORK. The fridge that came with the house died 6 months after they moved in. They bought a new LG for like $1800 and it died 3yrs later. Now they have a Samsung and it's starting to have issues.

I looked at getting a new Sub Zero, but the cheapest one looks EXACTLY like what we already have! I doubt they have made any changes to it. For $2k more we could get a water dispenser in the door (which is really the ONLY thing that we wish it had). I don't need a smart fridge, I just need one that works. I laugh that my Sub Zero "is dying" slower that my dad's new fridge!

So for $2000-2500 would it make more sense to repair the Sub Zero that is proven, or take a change on a new one that could just be a fancy piece of junk?

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