Pendant and tap finish help !

3 months ago

Ok Im in desperate need of some opinions, I’m really torn on what to do and I need to figure it out over the next couple of days

I’m nearing the end of my full kitchen reno, my uppers and light fixtures just went in yesterday. My pendants are warm brass , and my tap is champagne bronze. I was planning to do champagne pulls, my counter will be ceasarstone Empira White I was really under the impression my tap and pendants were the same tone/ close to the same finish when I bought them, but now there in I’m completely second guessing

  1. Do I get a black tap instead ? To pull the dining room light fixture in ? ( new kitchen table will be black so that will help)

  2. Change out the pendants to black and leave the tap

3 leave it as is, it’s looks ok together.

Any design tips would be greatly appreciated! I really love the champagne bronze and trying to make it all work together

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