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We’re painting but what should we do with these shingles? Please help!

3 years ago

Hello! We are painting our house SW Alabaster and I’m loving it! Our front door is stained Douglas Fir and I think it looks really pretty with the paint.

My question is what do we do with these messy, weathered shingles? Paint them Alabaster? If we restain them they would not match the front door as they are so much darker in many places ... is that a big deal? The plan is to leave the trim around windows Alabaster and perhaps paint gutters a color similar to roof or maybe Urban Bronze. We may add some stained wood under the garage soffit and front porch which would bring in more natural wood elements.

Part of me wants to just paint them because I think maintenance would be a lot simpler. I like the fresh look of the new paint. I just want to make sure the house looks balanced.

Thanks for your help!


During... I’m embarrassed it’s such a mess, but it is what it is. DIY ain’t always pretty!

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