Need after-market storage/island/prep table

I left behind my huge, lovely kitchen to move to a place where I love everything except the small kitchen area. Like in many newer condos, the kitchen area is a linear space separated from the living room area by a 90" island (which contains the sink and dishwasher). Next to it is a 10' x 10' space for a table......I've decided to put a table in the "living room" area instead, and use that extra space for additional work space and storage. I have plenty of 11" deep cupboards for "standard" storage of tableware and pantry items, but I have very little deeper space for pots, baking dishes, and small appliances (there are only 2 under-counter cabinets).

I am NOT going to remodel the kitchen, so I'm looking for an "after-market" type of work table or island with storage. Ideally I'd like storage shelves that are open, or at least open on one side, because my brain works best when I can see things around me. I have a nice 63" x 20" butcher block, if I can find nice shelves or similar that it could sit on with's available, but I don't need to use it.

Any ideas? Bonus points if you know it's available in Canada, but I'll take any suggestions.

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