Often the comments are better than the actual topic

last month

A year ago there was a handy-dandy tip about using toilet paper rolls decorated/painted/fancy as silverware holders, or place settings or something.

The comments were astounding. Almost all were horrified that anyone would think of using tp rolls for a table setting. Sitting on the toilet, using the paper then saving the roll.

My God has common sense and lateral thinking honestly escaped people?? Not one person mentioned removing the roll when it still had a skiff of paper on it, and use that. I still smh about it, and it comes to mind every time I change the roll. LOL

Also another one.......a recipe blog on a slow cooked meal. One commenter was astounded at the amount of liquid accumulating under the lid and dripping onto the meat. She fixed the issue by partially removing the lid and then the meal turned out perfect. Just how many hours or days did it take to cook that puppy with the lid askew????

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