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Home office design- new build. Help! I hate cords showing!

3 years ago

We are building a new home...the office is going to be the death of me. I love looking at all of the pretty photos- but there are no ugly cords in any of the photos. That's just not realistic to me. I prefer a desk top computer ( my processor is the size of a small cable box). My screen is 32".

But...every thing I cords. Come on...things have to be plugged in.

Based on the layout- I am thinking a media outlet and power in the floor- somewhere off center.

Can anyone give me what works best for a room layout? I like the idea of the built in desk at a right angle. But- are you limiting the future ideas? I also have a copier/scanner that needs to be in the room...but that is wifi.

Paper shredder is also plugged in.

Lighting can be from above ...that part I am not too worried about.

Many Thanks for any or all suggestions!

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